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After a long think about it, I have decided to put on ARCHIVE status which means I will not be updating any longer but the site is still online and active to view. I don’t have the time anymore to forefil the site to its potential. I still admire Mena and love watching her on screen and red carpet and I think we are really lucky as fans to have Mena so candid and open on social media like Twiter & Instagram where we are kept up to date with her life. Please enjoy the 9 years I put into this site and use it to educate yourself on the beauty of Mena and her career.

xo april

4 thoughts on “ARCHIVE STATUS

  1. bien….esta bien a veses no hay tiempo para dedicarle a una sola persona…todos los fans deberiamos contribuir con esta pagina…..y como dices tu con la belleza y la carrera de Mena suvari


  2. Dear April,
    I would be absolutely interested in taking over this page!
    I would love to update this site because there is no other real Mena (fan-)page!

  3. Thanks guys :) check out which is another cool Mena fan site. I wont be handing it over to anyone – I dont “adopt” sites out often and not something i plan on doing here. Maybe I might have future plans for it, but time will tell. :)

    thanks and stay tuned xx

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