False Facts

There have been a few little white tales told about Mena in the press… we thought we would clear some up!

1. Mena is a natural redhead

False! Mena is a natural blonde (check our her baby photos!), but yes she does dye her hair.

2. Mena’s birthday is on February 9th

False! Mena was born February 13th 1979. If you listen to the commentary on the American Pie 2 DVD she talks about how filming started the day after her birthday – Valentines Day!

She also mentions her birthday during the interview for the Love Issue of Seventeen magazine back in 2000. She says “My birthday is February 13th, the day before Valentine’s day” (see scan here)

3. Mena is a vegetarian

False! She is NOT a vegetarian. She admits she doesnt eat beef, she does eat other meat.

4. Mena’s full name is “Mena Adrienne Suvari”

False! Her middle name is Alexandra. Mena Alexandra Suvari

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